Rossmore. is an artisan luxury brand founded in Los Angeles; it's namesake comes from the Los Angeles Avenue, famed for it's glamorous Hollywood Regency architecture and it's celestial scent of night-blooming jasmine.
First created in a tiny jewelry co-op in DTLA during the 2008 housing crisis, with that classic American entrepreneurial spirit, we lept out of our comfort zone and began selling worldwide, from LA,  to Tokyo and beyond.  Immediately the who's who of boutique fashion offered invitations to juried trade events; often winning best-in-class we traveled displaying our wares and constantly selling out, earning a Best of LA laurel along the way, and sitting in the most elite boutiques, and with the most well respected brands around the world. Celebs and tastemakers continue to tout Rossmore as "the cult-brand you only wish you knew about" and our raving fans coined the term 'never take it off,' because they literally never take off their Rossmore pieces. 
Rossmore has a certain rebellion in it's design yet a classicism at heart that is constantly at play in each new collection.
We hope you enjoy as much as we do!